DaikingAluminiumMusicstand DMS-4000 JAN4560452450724 List Price \4,000Made in CHINA

Assembling method is like camara tripod.Easy to assemble.This stand has durabillity.
Color:Black or Silver

①Push button with adjust the sheet angle②Open the top lever with adjust the length③Same as 2nd and 3rd lever④Open the tripod like camera tripod.

DaikingAluminiumMusicstand DMS-3800AL BLACK JAN 4560452450144List Price\3,800
Low price with light weight.To adjust the length with screw.

DMS-3800AL How to open the sheet.

Picー1 Picー2  Picー3 
①Up the long arm and short arm=Pic-1
②Open the short arm along the stand=Pic-2
③Open the both of top sheet=Pic3
Notice:Pls don't open by force.